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Praa Does it Again [VIDEO]

French songstress Praa first jumped onto the scene with her highly acclaimed debut single just last year.  This year she is looking to, “Do it All Again”.

On her latest release she delivers a stunning vocal performance in English with a sultry French touch.  Via a sweet and soulful tone, Praa blesses the track with a haunting vulnerability on top of a lush and mellow production.  Layers of strings, bass, guitar and keys meld together to create an enchanting soundscape.

The transformative tune slowly builds from beginning to end, pulling the listener in and portraying a powerful and uplifting vibe.  With the vocals sitting front and center, Praa is given the space to show off her funky vocal rhythms, interesting harmonies and concise delivery.

This may not be a tune to get you pumped up, but if you are looking for sexy and chill – look no further.

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