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R&B Newcomer Ròisin Marie Romanticizes A Friendship Outside The Friend Zone

Sometimes a friendship can amount to more, but in the moment, that thought is scary because jeopardizing a friendship could mean greater loss. But Ròisin Marie isn’t afraid to dig a little deeper and lean into what may become of a friendship that amounts to more than she thought on her new single “Like That.”

The dreamy song is composed of her breathy vocals and lo-fi influenced production and takes on a softer-side compared to her sophomore single “Stormy Weather.” Ròisin Marie ponders what it would take to be more than friends and even commentates on the similarities of a friendship and a relationship, noting “I think it hurts much more never having had your heart, but knowing all your secrets” and “I keep wondering what we could’ve had if only I had let it.”

Speaking to the song’s meaning, Ròisin Marie shares:

“The song means new things to me as time passes, originally it made me really emotional. But now I have new feelings and perspectives. So it’s brought me growth and helped me process. I think it’s cool that it exists because now it marks a specific thought process and perspective from a certain time in my life.”

For 21-year old, singer-songwriter, Róisin Marie, trying to find inspiration is never an issue, naturally gifted with the pen, her musical journey began at a young age. While experimenting with songwriter later in life during high school, she began writing and performing her own songs while attending Binghamton University. While there, she collaborated with other producers and creatives. Soon after, the R&B newcomer signed with SMG ENT and is currently working on her debut project with RocNation producer, Anwar Sawyer.

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