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RAC Flips Noah Kahan’s Latest Single ‘Come Down’

Last year, I was introduced to a buzzing singer/songwriter from Vermont via the track below.

When the tune landed in my inbox, it didn’t take much time at all for me to hop on the bandwagon.  With his quality lyrics and soulful Pop leaning vocals, Noah Kahan instantly became an artist to watch for me.  Soon enough, Noah connected with the masses thanks in part to his global smash along with Julia Michaels, “Hurt Somebody”, and found himself selling out shows to massive crowds across Europe, the UK and Australia.  

Continuing his rise to the top, Noah Kahan has recently released a new single, “Come Down”, along with a remix from RAC – the Grammy award-winning recording artist and producer who has remixed hits for chart-topping artists including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey and Bob Marley, and once again shows his impressive musicality on the new remix.

Beneath the dynamic and beautifully arranged production, Noah Kahan reflects on an experience that sounds ever familiar to anyone who has lived life on the wild side.  About the release he says, “Come Down is about an experience I had helping a new friend through a moment of intense anxiety. I didn’t know this person well, and we were isolated for some time together, which made for a revealing and very human experience.”  Hidden beneath an innocent delivery incredible hook, the sorry unfolds in only a way that Noah Kahan can tell it.

If you still aren’t paying attention to Noah Kahan, the time is now.  Don’t miss the boat.

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