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Rat City Teams Up with Kiesza for ‘Naked (With My Headphones On)’ [VIDEO]

When you come out of the gate with a hit as huge as Kiesza’s, “Hideaway”, it is often hard as hell to keep up with the hype.  Going from obscure songwriter to worldwide phenomenon overnight must be a reality shock that very few of us will ever experience – and being able to keep up with the hype is something even fewer of us are capable of.  While Kiesza has continued to remain active and has delivered a number of other solid tunes, topping the massive success of her debut smash is going to be next to impossible.

While she has since dropped a few singles that I have kept in rotation, her latest collaboration with Norwegian songwriting/production outfit Rat City, may be my favorite tune from Kiesza since, “Hideaway”.  The new single, “Naked (With My Headphones On)”, is an infectious Electronic Pop jam that features some Reggae rhythm, worldly leads and uplifting melodies – creating a tune that is accessible and groovy, no matter where in the world you may be listening from.  

The playful tune sees Kiesza dropping off an empowering, emotional performance over the clean-as-ever production from Rat City.  With emotive verses and a catchy, pumping hook, the new single sits somewhere between radio ready and festival friendly featuring enough energy to get your head rocking and enough vibe to make you feel.  

I have no doubt I will have this one in rotation for sometime to come.  Make sure you add it to your bins. 

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