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Reuben Hester Has Found Peace In Music Again With “Sold My Soul”

Loss is one thing we all share and Reuben Hester has felt this deeply. He lost his father over a year ago and, with this tragedy, he lost sight of his musical career. Now, we welcome him into a new light as he’s found himself ready to share what happened on his 12-month hiatus, starting with his single “Sold My Soul.”

With the makings of a ballad, “Sold My Soul” is a punchy and vibrant track that courses with hints of sadness, anger, and resolve. Starting simply with piano chords, Reuben attacks the first line: “There is a silence all around.” Joined by an underlying percussive ostinato, the tune seems to shed some weight of grief and opens up with a bright string section that leads you right into a robust drop. Hester echoes his frustrations with finding solace in music with lines like “some days I feel like I’m fighting / some days I don’t feel like writing” and “I don’t know what to say.” When music is everything to an artist, hearing them lose their love for it is truly heartbreaking. Talking about the emotional turbulence with writing songs, Reuben Hester says:

“I wrote this song shortly after my father’s passing, I was struggling with the pain and slowly found myself slipping into a dark place. [M]ost days I feel I couldn’t write, fight for reasons to live and eventually I stopped feeling anything…it was a hard time. But music brought me back to life! Everything I felt was put into this song. I believe it is the most heartfelt honest piece I have written and there is much more to come!” 

Originally from Ireland, Reuben Hester was recently featured on UK’s Little Mix The Search and has been described as funky, electronic, and comes across as a “mix between Plan B and John Newman,” according to the Little Mix girls themselves. Since appearing on the TV show Reuben has gone on to sign a record deal with 3Tone Music, and has now dropped his Debut Single “Sold My Soul.” Within the first 24 hours, his single has already amassed quite the reaction. Spotify have since added it to their New Pop UK Playlist and the legend himself, Alexander O’ Neal, privately sent Reuben a video message praising his song.

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