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Rhys Is Petty and Gritty With “Cry Over Me”

American-Swedish singer-songwriter Rhys has been unstoppable since her debut single “Swallow Your Pride” back in 2016. After the release of her 2018 album Stages, which received over 160 million streams reaching far beyond Sweden’s borders, the young musician is back with new music that taps into her Portland roots and early 2000’s American rock.

Her newest tune “Cry Over Me” is a gritty melodic pop-rock song that clearly demonstrates her artistry and eclectic songwriting. Utilizing heavy drums and distorted guitars as a foundation to the tune, they act as direct influences to the sonic landscape American 2000’s rock had during her formative years spent in Portland. Her lyrics tend to be dark with hints of levity that overall make them feel playful but also relatable. You can hear how her skills as a songwriter were honed and refined while she was living in Sweden, making this song a perfect combination of her roots. Speaking to the tune’s inspiration, Rhys shares:

“I’d love to be the bigger person all the time, but I’m not. I’m quite petty. This is my guilty pleasure petty break up song. Basically, I really hope you realize that I was the best and dive into some deep life crisis over the loss of me and that you will cry over me.”

“Cry Over Me” follows previously released singles “Over You” and “Thanks a lot now I can’t smile”, three tracks from her upcoming EP due February 4th, 2022. Rhys is ready to release more music, where she continues to make organic and guitar-driven pop – that reaches as deep as it does wide!

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