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Rimon Brings a Vibe on Realize [VIDEO]

There is no question that the Netherlands are (and always have been) a hot bed of musical talent.  While many Dutch artists and producers regularly top charts worldwide, it is always exciting when a new talent emerges.  Enter Rimon.

Only recently launching her artist project with her singles, “Grace”, and, “Nighttime”, Rimon has already found some major acclaim from top tier outlets like Pitchfork, Noisey and ID.  To solidify her official launch and to kick things up a notch, Rimon has recently released, “Realize”, along with an official video that features home videos and gives listeners a glimpse into her life.  Over a smooth dancehall beat, Rimon sways, delivering an undeniable vibe that is as inspirational as it is danceable.  With a unique tone, unmatched swag and catchy as hell toplines, Rimon pulls the listener into her world from the very first note.

Behind the groove, Rimon makes sure to add some depth.  About the release she offers, “Realize’ is a song written towards myself and my loved ones assuring that our visions are being manifested. The struggle was real, and still is real, but everyday I’m getting closer to my dream and realising what we had in mind for the past few years. It’s a celebration actually of accomplishments and of the people I’m surrounded with. It’s all about good vibes, enjoying life and working hard while doing so.

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