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Rising Pop Sensation Sheer Haimov Releases "High"

If you're in the mood for a modern take on high energy classic disco, "High" is the track for you. Danceable from front to back, the new track by rising pop sensation Sheer Haimov will easily get you up out of your seat. Also staged 'Sheer', the Israeli-American songstress climbs the melodic scale seamlessly, gaining the attention of fans who enjoy unique sounds void of genre and instead, authentically Sheer! Fit for a club atmosphere, "High" delivers a chorus that feels exactly how it's high! Her captivating vocal delivery bounces over a consistent drum beat bookended by lush electronic soundscapes, perfect for your late summertime playlist. In her records, Sheer soulfully sings out of her youthful experiences and her inclination to be as genuine and open with her audience as she can be.

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