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Rock Out with Your Dingo’s Out [VIDEO]

Here’s a new tune by a couple of soft dingers.

No idea what that means?  Me neither but it’s in their Facebook about section… and it’s amazing.

In fact, everything about Sophisticated Dingo makes me think that when I finally make it out to AUS… I’m going to want to party with these guys.

For starters their new song, “Head Talk“, is pretty much about a guy being a dick because he was drunk and has no recollection.  While he doesn’t sound like the best drunk, I have tough skin and don’t hold grudges… so bring it on.

The Trash Rock duo, somehow deliver the energy of a full band between the two of them (which is pretty impressive).  This time around they bring a pumping, grungy vibe to the release which kind of makes the accompanying video all that more epic.

Packed in a tight bedroom, they let the guitar rip and the drums slam (mom must be cool af) while a couple of sophisticated dingos drink some brews and chase some pussy (literally).  The final culmination leads to a fun as fuck backyard party with the dingos on center stage whipping the crowd into a frenzy.  While there is no visual ending to the budding on screen love story  – we can only help the dingos got some tail.

To sum things up… The track is fresh, the video is fun and these guys look like they know how to party.  I’m in.

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