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Ryan Innes Drops Powerful Tune ‘You Are Gold’

Raised in small town Arizona, singer/songwriter Ryan Innes has been involved with music in one way or another nearly his whole life.  Classically trained on the piano from a young age, his first endeavor into performing was as part of Phoenix Boys Choir and local church musical groups – yet the music he performed as a youth did little to spark his flame as an artist.  It wasn’t until a friend of his gave him a Boyz || Men CD that Ryan finally found the real power of music.  About his introduction to R&B, he says, “The first thing that really caught my attention was a Boyz II Men album my friend gave me.  It was like nothing I’d experienced before. These people really expressing their emotions through their music and voices. It was completely different than the stuff I had grown up with. It really opened my eyes to music’s ability to speak to the listener.

While Ryan Innes may have went on to continue connecting with music, the thought of being an artist still never seemed to cross his mind, but as is so often the case – life caught up to him and his priorities were brought into question.  He says, “I was 23 years old, and a lot of things happened that made me take a look at my life.  I had just finished a pre-med degree and realized I didn’t really like science that much. On top of that, I was going through a broken engagement that caused me to take a step back and examine things. Music really became my outlet during that time and gave me a new perspective on what I wanted out of life.

At 24 years old, Ryan applied to the media music program at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah – and as they say the rest is history.  While in Utah, he began to sing along with popular a cappella group Vocal Point, helping to solidify his skill as a live performer and helping to fuel the fire.  Ryan stayed in Utah for several years, beginning to pen his own tunes, locking in steady gigs and further developing his own sound, influenced by melodic, vocal-centric artists like Ray Charles, Amos Lee and Ray LaMontagne.  With a penchant for writing tunes that reflect raw emotion and universal laws of humanity, Ryan Innes has always strived to write music that can connect with the masses, cross borders and break down boundaries.  

In 2013, he auditioned for The Voice and quickly became a fan favorite, coached by Usher and Pharrell, using his undeniable soul, powerful vocals and live performance skills to wow audiences across the globe.  Since then, Ryan Innes has gone on to write alongside some industry heavyweights, while also continuing to build his catalog and lock in some major gigs.  Having released ibis debut album, “The Inbetween”, last year, Ryan Innes is now a full fledged artist and has no plans on turning back. 

Most recently, he has graced us with his latest single, “You Are Gold”, and it is a powerful, contemporary jam that puts his impressive vocals and quality songwriting on full display.  Having started as a project for a licensing venture, Ryan quickly realized that he was on to something and opted to hold onto the single for himself, and now it is out for the world to hear.  Over a raw production laced with lush organs, ripping guitar embellishments and rhythmic keys, Ryan uses layers of vocals throughout the tune that help to drive it all home.  About the tune, Ryan says, “I loved the message, the vibe, my vocal performance and many other things about it too much to not release it myself and give it a “real” place in the world. And it’s a strong return to my musical soul roots.

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