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Ryan McMullan Pushes on with ‘Rebellion’

It was just last week that we mentioned how Ireland was quickly becoming one of our new favorite markets.  With a growing number of artists grabbing our attention with stand out releases, it seems that we are only starting to scratch the surface.  

Today, buzzing singer-songwriter Ryan McMullan released his latest single, “Rebellion”, and it is an anthemic, foot stomping, indie gem that I will without a doubt be rocking for some time to come.  Hailing from picturesque Portaferry, on the shores of Strangford lough and in sight of the Mourne Mountains, Ryan McMullan’s sound is authentic and rich, nourished by the traditional music and pub sing-alongs with which rural villages in Ireland are indelibly linked.  While his roots can be heard through his music, Ryan McMullan doesn’t stop there – pulling further inspiration from modern music genres like Hip Hop, Pop and Rock.

Ryan McMullan’s latest offering features driving percussion and finger-picked guitar rhythms as a base, while he delivers a dynamic and emotive vocal performance.  His signature rich, gritty vocals take hold from the very beginning and carry through as the tune picks up – taking the listener on a ride as the the production builds into a crescendo at the end.  About the song, Ryan says, “Rebellion is about having to smile when it’s killing you. About doing the things we don’t want to do and having to pretend.

The impressive new tune builds on the young artists already impressive catalog and helps to give fans a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming album due out in 2020.  While Ryan McMullan May have not yet broken out in the US, he has already built quite an impressive resume at home and in the UK.  After spending many years developing a dedicated local following, he was able to lend support to Ed Sheeran on his arena tour in 2017.  Since then, he has only continued to capture crowds, with this year locking down his first Glastonbury performance and his largest Belfast show playing to 5000 adoring fans.

Now with his album roll out pushing full steam ahead, Ryan McMullan is ready to show the world what he is made of – and, “Rebellion”, is an incredible example of what he is capable of.  Do yourself a favor and dig into his back catalog while we wait for what’s next.  I promise you will find some gems.

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