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Said the Sky Share the Finale of a Trifecta of Releases with “Go On Then, Love”

Upbeat and danceable from beginning to end, Said the Sky’s new track “Go On Then, Love” marks the end of a trifecta of releases for the artist which document a heart-wrenching love triangle that he’s been depicting in each and every music video. Showing off a more indie-electronic vibe than usual, “Go On Then, Love” combines a catchy pop melody with honest, heartfelt lyrics to depict the naivety of young love. In the video, you see a young couple at home and in love, drinking the day away. Eventually joined by a third party, things get tricky as we witness both couples arguing while they develop jealous feelings toward each others dynamics. We won’t spoil the ending…but get your tissues ready because the three actors take viewers on an emotional and honest wild ride.

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