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Saint Punk Continues Bringing His Grungy Sound to the Masses with ‘Empty Bed’

Over the last few years, US based DJ/producer Saint Punk has been making major waves in the Electronic scene. Having spent his early career working with in the Rock scene, he has in turn developed a lane all of his own by incorporating his love for heavy hitting sound design into dancefloor filling bombs that have taken the EDM world by storm. Now recognized as the leader and pioneer of Grunge House, Saint Punk is continuing to wow audiences around the world with his distinct sound and undeniable energy.

Most recently, the dark and dirty mastermind has released his latest tune, “Empty Bed“, and it has quickly proved to be one of his strongest releases to date. With enchanting, pitched vocals leading the way, Saint Punk crafts a dynamic, hard-hitting tune that features muted verses leading into gritty drops that we can’t help but love. Deep basslines, punchy drums and perfectly executed arrangements all come together to make this one fire on all cylinders from beginning to end. About the tune, Saint Punk says, “This record is something new for me. It’s my first song with a full vocal throughout. There’s a lot you can say with a mostly instrumental track, but sometimes there’s so much more to say. There’s strong emotions in this, but it still feels 100% like me.

Quickly becoming one of the most sought after producers in the EDM scene, Saint Punk has been able to secure some massive support from heavyweight DJ’s and nearly every DSP on earth. With a seemingly endless stream of originals, bootlegs, collaborations and remixes, Saint Punk is without a doubt making his presence known in the Electronic scene and I have no doubt the hits will keep coming.

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