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Sam and Sounds Gets ‘Silly’ on His Biggest Bop to Date

While breaking out as an indie artist in the streaming age seems like an impossible feat, the current state of the biz also makes music more accessible than ever. It may be difficult to cut through, but with consistency, talent and a touch of luck, some artists seem to hit the ground running and quickly find themselves racking up some massive numbers. Since launching is project last year, Sam and Sounds has without a doubt proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

Grabbing attention worldwide with his impressive lyrics, energetic performances and accessible vibes, Sam and Sounds has been able to secure a die hard fanbase, over 1M streams and some major support from Spotify and other DSP’s. Having just released his seventh single, “Silly“, there should be no doubt that Sam and Sounds is an artist to watch. While we have been keeping tabs since nearly the beginning, his latest offering has us HOOKED. When this one hit our inbox, it only took 5 seconds for us to know we were going to have to show it some love. The driving, upbeat… shall I say… silly release is an absolute bop. With a driving feel and pumping guitar laden production setting the tone, Sam and Sounds delivers a performance that is both impressive and undeniable.

While you may be doing yourself a favor by digging into his previous releases, if you do nothing else today, listen to, “Silly”. I know I will be for a long time coming.

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