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Samantha Stone Releases Dark-Pop/Alt Rock Track- ‘Wide Awake’

LA based singer/song–writer, Samantha Stone, commands listeners to hear what she has to say with a powerful–yet–vulnerable and emotional vocal performance paired with dark, hypnotizing, melodies and a relatable story to tell. ‘Wide Awake’ is a song about the harsh reality of being forced to leave a dream behind, before you’re ready, because of circumstance, but never giving up hope in that dream. In this case, the dream seems to be someone else. Listeners can truly feel the confusion and sorrow in Stone’s voice as she tells the story of not wanting to live without this person. Reluctant to accept the change that is surrounding the relationship, Samantha’s vocal performance is melodic, raw, emotionally–dark, powerful, and yet… surprisingly positive. There is strong evidence of Samantha’s musical roots and influences, spanning multiple genres, such as; Alt, Pop, Trap, and even Hip–Hop production truly serve in forming her Dark Pop/Rock, melodically refined, sound. Her lyrics, singer/songwriter style, are well–written and catchy, making her sound both unique AND familiar. ‘Wide Awake’ feels like a cross between Evanescense, Flyleaf, and something totally new!

Long- Story- Short, me likey, this girl and you will, too!!!!!!!

Listen to more music from Samantha Stone, here:

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