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Sara Diamond is True to Herself on “Nov 16th”

Sara Diamond has been written up by some of the largest publications in the game like Noisy and has garnered support and collaboration with notable acts such as Adventure Club, and her latest single cements the fact that she is certainly an artist to lookout for.

On the Canadian singer-songwriter’s latest single, “Nov 16th”, Sara Diamond touches on topics of freedom, trust, and doing what you believe is right. Haunting harmonies and a playful soundscape juxtapose Diamond’s passionate singing and honest lyrics. In her words, “The song is about trusting that your intuition will lead you in the right direction”, and this notion rings true throughout the entirety of the track. The production on “Nov 16th” complements this sentiment in the purest way, as it develops and takes the listener down a twisting, winding, road of sound but nevertheless remains authentic.

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