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Sara Diamond Rises Up on ‘Latter’

Montreal artist Sara Diamond has been making music since she was 5 years old – lending vocals to songs on her mother’s children’s record label.  Through all of the ups and downs that she has faced in life, music was always a constant and always helped to keep her grounded.

Beyond her solo releases, Sara has also collaborated with heavyweights like Adventure Club, Paris & Simo and Naji – racking up more than 10M streams in the last year.  Her signature vocals and ability to write tunes that inspire her fans have helped to cement her place as an artist on the rise. 

About the record, she explains, “I wrote Latter during a transitional time in my life. I was slowly starting to break down the constructs I had created about the life I was supposed to live. Life was forcing me to confront my ideas of success, happiness and passion, in ways that I wasn’t expecting. That feeling of being out of control can either shatter or shift us – and through writing about it and self-reflecting, I allowed life to unfold the way it was meant to. It’s nice to have a song that I can turn to in moments of questioning, because being on the other end of the struggle I was going through, I know it’s possible. If you’re feeling lost, know that it is a part of the journey, and that you just have to ride the wave. Everything is temporary.

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