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Sara Phillips Wants to be ‘Rich and Famous’

We recently featured a video from Montreal native Sara Phillips for her single, “House on Fire“, that we have been rocking ever since. 

In stark contrast to her last release, Sara is back once again, this time with a haunting Pop tune titled, “Rich and Famous“.  Beneath the stunning, breathy vocal performance, the track tackles a topic that many artists may face – coming to terms with everything you may lose on the chase of success.

At times it may seem hard to stay optimistic when you have, “lost all your friends to zip codes“, but when passion is the driver, bailing is rarely an option.

While I was already impressed by Sara Phillips songwriting and vocals, this new tune is without a doubt my favorite that I have heard from her.  As someone who works in this business not only as a writer, but as an artist and behind the scenes at a record label, I can tell you that there are sacrifices made everyday… but passion trumps all – this release really hits home.

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