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SEA GIRLS Drop Guitar-Pop Single From Upcoming Album- ‘Do You Really Wanna Know?’

SEA GIRLS‘ highly anticipated Debut album ‘Open Up Your Head‘ is dropping on August 14, 2020 on Polydor Records- but in the meantime, they have released their newest single for our listening pleasure, ‘Do You Really Wanna Know?‘. The London based IndieRock guitar band consists of four members; Andrew, Oli, lead guitarist Rory Young and frontman Henry Camamile. Rory and Henry’s writing, as well as, the bands performing comes “straight from the heart“. They have derived their energetic and guitar/vocally driven, adrenaline boosting performances and style from their biggest influences. The guys sound and energy are heavily based on creative catalyst bands they have labeled themselves the “bastard children of” such as The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and The Killers, which is clearly evident while you are listening to them ROCK. SEA GIRLS are focused on blazing the trail for a new wave of singalong/indie guitar bands coming out of the UK. The band is known for energy driven, sweat soaked, sold out live shows and intense Indie Rock sound with tunes that are incredibly uplifting, deeply reflective, exquisitely vulnerable, and brutally honest! SEA GIRLS’ uplifting melodies and guitar, beautifully accompany the darker side of Henry’s lyrical content, wrapping us up in a wonderfully balanced journey of synth sounds and dance melodies!

Do You Really Wanna Know?‘ premiered as Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record” on BBC Radio 1. The fun, energetic, rock jam finds itself lyrically walking the line between truly getting to know someone or just enjoying the surface relationships we create. The song is about making the decision to take the leap of faith and letting people into the darker deeper sides of yourself and the fear of incumbent responsibility that follows. Sonic -uptempo Melody accompanies the uncertain self-doubt of the lyrical content in the song and really rounds out the experience!

Listen to more from Sea Girls:

‘Open Up Your Head’ – Track Listing

1.        Transplant

2.        All I Want To Hear You Say

3.        Do You Really Wanna Know?

4.        Lie To Me

5.        Call Me Out

6.        Closer

7.        Forever

8.        Weight In Gold

9.        Ready For More

10.      Violet

11.      Shake

12.      Damage Done

13.      You Over Anyone

14.      Moving On

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