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The Kid returns! DAN REYNARD a.k.a KiD RAiN has bestowed his second single ‘BORED OF LOVE’ upon us, which further solidifies his musical CHOPS, as it is completely written, produced, performed, and mixed by him. Another POP head BOPPER, the single is reminiscent of its predecessor ‘SAY YES‘, except that the lyrical content seems to be polar opposite. Where the artists first single was about finding and professing feelings for the love of one’s life, the new JAM finds a character who really, just…needs a break! Disenchanted with the idea of a relationship, KiD RAiN, is ‘BORED OF LOVE’. Without fear, the lyrics convey the feeling of wanting someone to move on from you, but not making any moves on your own, due to a feeling of empathy. The line “I know you’re trying, but you should try on someone else” embodies the entire message of the summer DANCE JAM. “Do you ever feel like you just need a break? Not just from work… a break from everything, a break from life, time to focus on yourself, give yourself the time instead of giving it to someone else. No hard feelings, but I want to binge this Netflix show by myself this time”, says REYNARD, proving the song is more of a self empowerment tool than a way to push someone away. Sometimes, you just need to focus on yourself, DAN, and we get it!!!! The song is totally relatable and the upbeat melody and rhythm serve to keep the tone POSITIVE. I’m sure more than a few of us can use this ANTHEM of INTENT, to their benefit, this summer.

Kid RAiN, has again accompanied his release with a fun, cinematic scope, music video. This time, similarly to song content, his new video is in contrast to the bright energetic music video for ‘SAY YES’. The video for ‘BORED OF LOVE’ takes place in the vast, well known, gray skied Yorkshire Dales of the UK. Sitting on the roof of a vintage 1972 Audi 100, REYNARD sings us his jam, while taking a ride, showing off some of the landscape. Toward the end of the video a shoe-less, care-free KiD RAiN hops off the vintage whip, to pick up with his signature DANCE WALK, while his chariot takes a three-point-turn. Ultimately, he hops on the trunk to drive away from us and LOVE! Check out the video for ‘BORED OF LOVE’ here.

“Pop tracks to make the girls go weak” – METRO

“instantly infectious.. you’ll struggle to get this out of your head” – DAILY STAR 

“Utter pop perfection” – THE LOWDOWN

“The future of pop music” – TALK ABOUT POP MUSIC

Listen to More from KiD RAiN here:

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