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SHEE Drops Back to Back Stunners

Based in Nashville, SHEE has been writing for the better part of her life.  While initially she did it for her own enjoyment with very little interest in becoming a recording artist, with an assist from producer Kyle Horvath, SHEE released her first project, “Music by SHEE”, just last year.

While SHEE tends to label her self an Indie Pop artist, there is an originality and depth in her work that without a doubt helps separate her from the rest of the gang.  Recently, I found her single, “Time”, in my inbox and it is a jam-worth, hypnotic tune that is more than enough to get new fans hooked on her vibe.  Through vivid lyrics and a unique vocal tone, SHEE cuts through the track and makes sure every line hits deep.  Beyond the vocals, the arrangement and production are as interesting as they are intricate and help to bring a 

Taking time away from relationships can give good perspective as to which relationships are healthy and unhealthy in our lives. I wrote Time as I was beginning to notice there were relationships in my life that had started doing a lot more weighing down rather than building up. During this time I felt I needed to take a step back, in order to work on forgiving and figuring out if I was going to continue my involvement with these relationships.

Without wasting anytime, SHEE was quick to follow up with yet another stunner of a single, titled, “Fly“.  Adding to the hype around her forthcoming EP, the new tune is yet another moody tune that features a catchy as all hell hook and effortless feel.  About the single SHEE says, “Fly was written one afternoon after on my day off. I was feeling pretty awesome about how things were going on in my life & all of my friends. I sat down to write about the joy that this was bringing me & Fly was created. I really wanted this song to be something people listened to when they reached a big goal or had an awesome day. Fly is about celebrating the good things, no matter how small they are!

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