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Singer-Songwriter Denitia Taps into Her Southern Roots in "Highways"

Greeting the new year with a new sound, singer-songwriter Denitia shares the next chapter from her eclectic storybook of songs with the undeniably captivating “Highways”. Inspired by her southern roots, Denitia begins to establish a newfound American utopia, uplifted by wistful vocals and the buoyant chimes of tambourine. “Highways” demonstrates her impressive versatility as well as her dualities as an artist on a mission to seek the soulful sounds and legends of her people. “Highways” was co-produced by Brad Allen Williams, the guitarist for Brittany Howard (of Alabama Shakes), Nate Smith, Bilal, Jose James and Cory Henry. A different direction from her usual Pop/R&B vibes, Denitia’s Americana-inspired sound fits her like a glove as we’re introduced to a reimagination of home through graceful mantras, melodies of her spirit and stories, all her own.

Originally from the Houston area, Denitia currently lives in New York’s Hudson Valley. Having also spent time in Nashville for college and over a decade in Brooklyn, it’s safe to say that her nomadic lifestyle has gifted her many friends and loved ones. As she moves from place to place and phase to phase, she takes those connections with her wherever she goes. And that’s what “Highways” is all about; the beauty of connection and keeping home close to the heart, even when she’s physically far from it. Her fresh take on country, roots-rock and folk, produces a distinctive sound that takes listeners on a drive down the lanes of love, longing over the course of American grandeur.

"Highways" is a song about looking forward but taking the past along with you. I’ve had many friends and loved ones in my life and as time passes and I move from place to place, phase to phase, I hope to always take those connections with me wherever I go. I want to take home with me everywhere I go.” - Denitia
Soulful and passionate, Denitia sings with intentional restraint, seeking an outlet from isolation, a break from monotony, and a dream for the past reclaimed. Her Christian upbringing opened her ears to harmony, gusto and intention, while the radio brought out something raw, edgy and passionate. From a trailer in the woods, she spent her days studying the art of rock, alt-grunge, and self-revelation, melding it with her baseline in traditional roots music. Self-taught and unafraid, Denitia improvised her newfound language with the guitar and keyboard, and gained confidence performing at praise and worship services. Denitia’s music has received high praises from notable publications like the Village Voice, NPR and the New York Times. She has performed for popular platform COLORS and has placed her music on the Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning feature “Nanny”, FX’s “Better Things”, Comedy Central’s Broad City and so much more. She has shared stages with SZA, The Internet and Tank and the Bangas with prominent festival features at SXSW, Afropunk and the Firefly Music Festival.

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