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Sipho The Gift Makes Come Back with ‘Hold Up’

South African MC Sipho The Gift has been on his grind for sometime now.  The multi-talented producer, MC, songwriter has been hard at work not only on his own music, but steadily adding production credits to tracks by artists like Well$, Deniro Ferrar, and King Mez.

Initially dropping his first project, “Coming Of Age”, in 2015 Sipho says, “I wanted to give a glimpse into the mind of a 20 year-old turning 21, measuring himself against the world and learning what it is to be a man while making your own destiny.”  Following the projects release Sipho was hit with a quick spell of depression, pushing back his next projects release for almost two years.  In 2017 he got back on the horse and released his sophomore effort, “Kintsugi”, the title of which comes from a Japanese word which means a source of strength and sharpened focus.

Now prepping the release of his next project, “INDIGO”, Sipho The Gift has just unleashed the first single titled, “Hold Up”, which brings a melodic Afro Pop vibe while still making sure to maintain the Hip Hop edge he is known for.  On a journey to share his own story through his music, Sipho is creating from the heart, making sure there is an underlying emotion in everything he creates.

About the new release he says, “Hold Up is an exciting song about love. A resilient love that’s withstood, not only the test of time but, any obstacles thrown its way. I’m in love myself and this was a huge inspiration to me. I think not enough rappers talk about it for fear of appearing soft or wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The sound is fun, melodic and very rhythmic which is something I’m hoping to explore a lot more in the future as I play with more sounds

Keep an eye out for, “INDIGO”, it shaping up to be a fresh project.

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