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Sky Keller Brings the Sauce On ‘Bad’

Based in LA, Sky Keller has only recently jumped onto the scene.  With her debut single, “Don’t Get It”, she quickly found herself running up the HypeMachine popular chart, landing her first #1.   

Since then she has released, “Weekend”, and now she is back with a brand new vibe on, “Bad”.  For her latest release Sky Keller delivers a haunting and sultry performance over a dark, Hip Hop infused back beat.  Opening with crunchy keys and hypnotic percussion, Sky quickly joins in with her stunning vocals and reflective lyrics. 

Written in collaboration with Danny Garibay, on, “Bad”, Sky Keller elaborates on the challenges of an unattainable love, power-trips, and wanting what’s ultimately not good for you.  While the subject matter may not be the most uplifting, the way it is delivered helps to invoke feelings of hope and pride.  The sexy new tune is yet another great release from the buzzing artist.

Check this one out and get all up in your feelings.

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