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SkyDxddy shouts behind the door with "DON'T TALK ABOUT IT" and the urban grunge is glorious

The urban space of alt-grunge, alt-rock, trauma core and poetic lyricism crash into the room, shouts at the walls, shatters some plates and leaves us released from our frustrations.

"Don't Talk About It" is the track for the final straw, the moment when everything collapses into itself. From the first seconds of the track you know exactly where you stand, it's an exposition of pain to the soundtrack of the urban diaspora, the streets and the shouts, the fights and tears it all whirls and spins in our head as "Don't Talk About It" blends and mashes in our ears.

SkyDxddy is a voice in space where the voices are needed, the pain needs to be shown, the frustrations shouldn't be ignored and we don't need to be quiet, it's all noise and it's all important, the noise is a grungey alt-rock callout to all the people that feel the collapse

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