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Smooth Stuff from Okoren [FREE DL]

There is something beautiful about technology and how it gives artists the ability to create nearly anywhere.  Recently we found a new tune in our inbox along with this note, “I made this song on a train with my friend’s vocal stem. It’s a Hawaiian – Soul / RnB thing that turned out unique and I hope you guys like it!

Well Okoren… I sure do.

It doesn’t take very long into, “More than Love”, before you are hooked.  Soulful vocals mix with some smooth acoustic guitar, tropical synth work, catchy vocal chops and an overall great vibe to create an interesting and accessible tune.  

While the verses remain low key with little more that they guitar and vocals, the energy picks up into a playful drop.  With a stellar arrangement and some great songwriting, this one perfectly blues the lines between Pop and R&B while also bringing a Little Electronic flare.

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