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Songø is back again with a Sensational New Single "Vulindlela"

Songø has returned with an extraordinary new single, "Vulindlela" – a blend of Afro-House, Gospel, and Pop. This mesmerizing band, globally acclaimed, is excited to announce the launch of their latest track. "Vulindlela" seamlessly merges Afro-House, Gospel, and Pop, promising listeners an unmatched auditory journey. Songø's journey onto the world stage began with acclaimed performances at Transmusicales festival, Arte Concert, KEXP, and Eurosonic. From the very first note of "Vulindlela," listeners are transported into a realm where barriers dissolve, and the universal language of music unites us all. The Zulu term "Vulindlela," meaning "Open the way," encapsulates the deep emotions and experiences woven into this musical masterpiece by Songø. With the passing of Nozuko Myataza Mashile during the recording process, the song becomes a poignant testament to love, loss, and the enduring power of music to heal. As "Vulindlela" finds its place in the musical landscape, Songø invites you to embark on a transformative musical odyssey. Through their transcendent melodies and heartfelt storytelling, Songø paves the way to a realm where music transcends borders, offering solace, inspiration, and connection in the universal language of sound. Anticipate the release of "Vulindlela" as Songø continues to captivate hearts and minds with their exceptional musical artistry.

Listen to the track on your favorite store using the Fanlink: HERE

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