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Song for the Summer – ‘Demo Tapes’ by Golf Clap

Hard hitting beats that will fit right into your summer playlist.

Coming off fresh from over 13 sets at 2018 Electric Forest festival, Detroit Based outfit Golf Clap have released ‘Demo Tapes’ a perfect song for the summer. This vibrant and energetic song reminices early 90’s Rave music. Grounded by a steady beat and syncopated Bass-line, the song gradually progresses to a state of euphoria that will be perfect for any party.

The synth choice in this song is very particular, as they alternate between very processed saw-wave and sample-based synths that create a very textural feel. This intricate and detailed work comes from experience, one that the band can attest to from having spent six years on the project. The band has hustled and sweated to create their unique sound and one that is appreciated by their audience wherever they are playing. Attending one of their shows is a must because not only do tey play original music, but they do remixes and spin vinyl as well, always adapting to what the crowd wants and making a unique show that differentiates them from the rest.

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