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Sophie Hunter Finds Hope with New Single ‘Noself’

When new single, “Noself“, from budding artist Sophie Hunter landed in my inbox, I was quickly taken by her soulful voice, attitude laced delivery and undeniable talent. Over a minimal yet dynamic production, her voice shines, delivering a captivating performance with just enough bounce to help hide the angst within. Having written her new record as she came to a major crossroad in her life, it was her latest creation that helped her to find hope and a new direction.

About, “Noself“, Sophie explains, “I wrote this song when my closest, oldest friend ended our relationship after I relapsed on ketamine. I had no one left and a difficult choice: to keep chasing my addiction or let myself be enough. I’ve been clean since the day I wrote it. This is the song that convinced me to book my first studio session in March, that convinced the audio engineer at the studio to start working with me full-time. This is the song that saved my life.

Like so many talented artists, underlying instabilities and personal torment have helped to lead the way for Sophie Hunter, eventually paving the way for personal growth and helping to deliver her from the darkness. While substance abuse is common in the music world, many times helping to create the art that we all come to love, there is something extremely powerful about that music being a medium to help artists heal in the long run.

While we commend Sophie for her talent and thank her for this new jam, we also salute her for fighting her demons and breaking the habits which we can’t help but feel have may held her back in the past. We are excited what the future holds for her and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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