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Soul Touching Tune by Alex Hepburn

The dream of becoming a full time artist always seemed out of reach for Scottish born London based Alex Hepburn.  The singer had started her career as many others, uploading her music online and beginning to grow her fan base.  While she worked several jobs, the thought of doing music full time just didn’t seem like it was in the cards.  She admits, “I didn’t know I wanted to be a singer. It’s a big dream. I worked loads of shitty jobs; I was a receptionist and a maid, but my boyfriend kept saying ‘you’ve got 500,000 plays online, you should try and do something with this!

It seems all she really needed was to step into the spotlight, taking a low paying gig in London which led to Warner offering her a deal 4 Days later.  Since then she has seen some major success having already achieved a platinum album in France, and gold in Switzerland with her debut record ‘Together Alone’.  She now makes her debut in the UK with, “I Believe”.

The stunning, soulful release is all you really need to get acquainted with Alex Hepburn’s undeniable talent.  The down tempo release relies on a smooth and jazzy production based around a sample of Aretha Franklin, essentially working the legend into the track to sing background for Alex.  Beyond the impeccable vocal performance, the tune is intended to be a sort of feminist anthem with Alex pulling inspiration from powerful women who have come before her like Etta James, Adele and Mary J Blige.  About the incorporation of Aretha into the track, she says, “Aretha is one of the most beautiful and strong female inspirations. I feel so blessed to have her vocal running through my track”.

While it may seem like just the beginning for Alex Hepburn, a headlining tour across the UK has proven to her that her fans are there – and they are waiting for new music.  Her latest offering is a taste of what’s to come and demonstrates her ability to cut deep and touch souls with her incredibly raw voice and touching lyrics.

Now looking towards the future and moving full steam ahead, Alex is ready to show the world what she is made of.  About her music she offers, “I put my heart and my soul into making my music as authentic and as true to me as possible. Unfortunately, I’ve lived through a lot of shit. I have a lot of baggage, but you have to find the positive in the situation you are in. My record and my words are always from the heart and I’m very, very proud of this record.

She has a new fan here for sure.

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