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Out west, a duo consisting of Jack Blocker and Reed Hoelscher began their musical journey at the University of Arkansas, as students dorming at the school. Even though their friendship dates back to kindergarten, Jack and Reed were following two distinctly different musical paths. The two were close friends until eighth grade when Reed moved away to Texas. To spite the separation, the friends found themselves back together in college and their love for music spawned the genre bending band, Rightfield.

Rightfield found success quickly, signing with Quadio Records last year. They have already amassed over two–million streams on Spotify and that number continues to grow. The bands debut album Rightfield, One and their deluxe album version, released recently by Quadio both include the single “GONE!“. Originally an alternative/indie song with a bright and melodic tone, Rightfield stripped the tune back to an acoustic version with darker, more emotional, introspective vibes. Lyrics like “Racing out, I’m wishing I left flowers on the gate. Jaded by the nights that came and never went away. Pretty sure I waited long enough so maybe I’ll be on my way and I’m taking off with nothing, honey, I might be insane.“, give the song a very devil-may-care feeling, while the new stripped down acoustic melody offers a version of the song, portraying real regret in a somber tone that serves to give the lyrics an added depth, from it’s original incarnation.

Rightfield wanted this version of the song to feel natural, like a campfire sing-along. The nostalgic vibe, they wanted the song to embody, was in reverence to the older style country/Americana songs that were just recordings of live performances in small venues. The intimacy and tenderness of that sort of performance is easy to recognize in this acoustic version of “GONE!“. Not only does this acoustic jam offer the duo a chance to present fans with music unlike the majority of their catalog, but it also offers the band an opportunity to pay homage to some southern influences, which they hold near and dear to their hearts.

There is no doubt that Jack and Reed will continue to find success with their music. No matter what kind of music you like, there is something coming out of these fellas’ for everyone! It’s a rare thing, to find a band so versatile that there s a song to love for almost every kind of listener.

I, for one, am extremely excited to see what comes next from these boys!

Listen to more music from Rightfield, here:

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