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STVN Releases newest Single- ‘Sugar High’ [INTERVIEW]

‘SUGAR HIGH’ is both the final release and title track from the new EP of the same name from independent artist, producer and songwriter phenom…STVN (A.K.A. Steven Alexander Chen). The Philadelphia, PA based artist, accumulated over 200,000 streams across platforms with his first release ‘Heartstrings‘ in 2019, and shows no signs of slowing down with his newest. Amazingly, the young artist has managed to perfectly capture the nostalgic feeling of a candy pop tune from the 50’s, while neatly packaging it in a perfectly produced, totally current, and radio worthy Sweet Dream Pop/Bop.

The song equally and simultaneously makes you want to dance, sing, and lay down on the bed with hands behind your head and feet bopping! With a happy melody and lovely lyrics, this song is perfect for sharing a sweet treat with your sweet heart or telling a special someone just how you feel! Dreamy, video game-esque accompaniments, LITERALLY transport you to a candy chomping dream world!

STVN says, “‘Sugar High.‘ My most energetic and upbeat song by far, I tried to capture the literal feeling of being in a dream state or on a sugar high.” Well, STVN, you NAILED IT! I dare you, not to be in a good mood, when this song nestles into your ear… No, seriously, I DARE YOU. I hope everyone enjoys this one, as much as I do!

“STVN and his pop-ish yet jazzy and soulful style have already been heard by tens of thousands despite his extremely recent arrival to the music scene. Rightfully developing his own future in music somewhere between the genres of the mainstream pop and jazz/lofi music, one name is not enough to pin his style down. What the singer has shown the world so far of his music is the mere tip of his iceberg; there is much to dive into about STVN.” – via

New to the scene, STVN has already acquired over 30,00 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Listen To More Music by STVN, here and keep scrolling to check out our interview.

RDFO: I have been really digging the sounds you have been putting out lately, can you tell me how you approach your tunes and what you aim for when creating new vibes?

STVN: Thank you so much, so glad you’ve been enjoying them! Yeah! Approaching each song is honestly a bit different every time. I tend to have types of sounds and melodies that I gravitate to, but I let the vibe of the song kind of write itself! I try not to keep myself in a box as much as possible and just let ideas flow freely. I think that this is what keeps my songs different from one another but allows them to sit in the same world and feeling.

RDFO: How has your home base of Philly helped to shape your sound and what spots (clubs, venues, etc) in the city are you dying to one day perform in.

STVN: I’d love to perform at Fillmore Philadelphia, as I’ve seen so many of my favorite artists there. Philly is such an amazing city with a rich culture, and living nearby has made me appreciate what good music is, and put more effort in to examining and working harder at my own craft.

RDFO: How long have you been playing music and how long ago did you decide to go all in as a solo artist and take things professional?

STVN: I’ve been playing music since I was about seven! Taking piano lessons at first, I then started improvising and playing around on Garage band with some loops, moving on to taking guitar lessons and producing EDM by the time I got to high school. At first music was just a hobby/passion of mine, but I really decided to take it seriously in the last year after seeing some good success with my music under my STVN project.

RDFO: Who are some artists that you would love to one day collaborate with and who are some artists whose sounds you really look up to?

STVN: I’d love to be in the room with Ryan Tedder and learn from him. That man is so genius when it comes to melodies and lyrics. Some current artists that I’d love to collaborate with are probably Julia Michaels, Jeremy Zucker, Surfaces, Eloise, Fiji Blue, and Lizzy McAlpine. Each of these artists have really excelled in creating a world around their music and have songs that I could play on repeat forever.

RDFO: Are there any other people behind the scenes helping to craft your music that you would like to shout out?

STVN: STVN is actually my solo project! It’s been a lot of work doing it on my own, writing, producing, mixing and even doing those animations for my lyric videos! Because of this I’ve started bringing in some friends to co-write on some upcoming songs so that I can focus on production and artistry more. I definitely have to thank my family and friends for really believing in me, that’s what keeps me motivated to write more music!

RDFO: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

STVN: The highlight of my career so far has definitely performing for the first time last fall at a college show with some of my friends. It was the week after my first song “Heartstrings” came out, and was such a fun experience.

RDFO: Anything else our readers should know?

STVN: I’ve got a good bit of new music coming very soon but I’m taking my time with it, as well as moving in a bit of a different direction with the vibe, so I’m really excited to hear what people think.

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