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SWACQ x PandaBoyz x Lux & Marcusson x PollyAnna

Fast rising Dutch producer and Protocol Recordings artist SWACQ has been making waves with his forward thinking tunes and hyper-modern production skills. With an uncanny ability to combine the contemporary and the nostalgic, SWACQ has developed a trusted sound and continues to wow his fans with steady releases.

Serving as his second release on Protocol, SWACQ teamed up with Pandaboyz and Lux & Marcusson for, “I Want It All”. The track cuts through the clutter with fast paced uplifting melodies, catchy Pop vocals from PollyAnna, big builds and bigger drops.

The refreshing tune brings an original vibe with a big of funk. Driving basslines, interesting rhythms and top notch production make sure this one works from beginning to end. This tune is built for the vibe and is sure to bring smiles and fast footwork to many a dance floor.

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