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Swagata Biswas shares reflective new single “Waves”

Rising Seattle-based, NY-born artist Swagata Biswas has released her sophomore single, “Waves”. It’s an ode to reflecting on the tides of change and self-growth. The track also explores overcoming hardship in the face of life’s difficulties – something we can all relate to right now. “Waves” incorporates elements of indie soul, soft rock, and pop to create a deeply immersive listening experience. With Biswas on the acoustic guitar and a sonic backdrop of calming cello and rhythmic electric guitar, the track draws some parallels to the “Unplugged-era” Nirvana or Alanis Morrisette. Sharing the sentiment behind the track, Swagata says: “At times, it is important and necessary to take a moment to completely immerse yourself into everything you are feeling, good and difficult, and take that experience to invoke change and growth.” Listen to “Waves” below:

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