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Swedish Hip Hop Artist LÚNA Offers Poetic Perspectives In New Hit “TRY”

Quick to follow her single “Clover” which was released with one of Sweden’s most prominent indie hip hop labels ‘Random Bastards’, Swedish female Hip Hop artist LÚNA (Josefin Larsson) is ready to release her newest hit “TRY”. Partnered with New York indie label Baby Blue, “TRY” offers fans a transparent glimpse into the highs and lows of mental health. Contrasted with a danceable beat, the emotional single {produced by Jon Cassidy} has a way of immediately grabbing the attention of listeners through its raw lyrics and buoyant instrumentation. Grappling with the feeling that everything she says is crazy, LÚNA felt the clash between dark lyrics and an upbeat track was the perfect way to portray her internal wrestling match. With lines like “My fingers bleed when I’m alone, my thoughts are growing cold. // I keep on wishing for these songs, they do me no wrong” she poetically communicates the ways in which her art keeps the wheels turning, not just career-wise but both mentally and emotionally as well.

“Don’t steal my motherfuckin’ shine, Don’t steal my motherfuckin’ guy. Sometimes I barely even try I put some poison in my mind, mind, mind mind”

Having been GAFFA-nominated as ‘Best Urban’ and ‘Best New Artist’ in 2018, LÚNA also performed at the Way Out West festival that very same year. Now here in 2020, she is not afraid to confront the toll that’s been taken on the world as we’ve witnessed a massive shift in global history. On a personal level, LÚNA’s exploration of her own history using both Swedish and English lyrics on “TRY” offers an elegant lens for one of the most turbulent years of this century. By playing her part in maintaining authenticity, she humanizes herself in a way that’s very much needed right now. Her beginnings in Sweden’s thriving hip hop scene sculpted her lyrical strength in a way that now, partnered with New York indie label Baby Blue & performing in the UK, she hopes to modernize with trap sounds, political statements, relatable lyrics and a poetic flow. Introducing her Swedish roots into the British music scene, LÚNA plans to make her mark and tracks like “TRY” will certainly set her apart.

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