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A Swiss trio of friends for over ten years, Baba Shrimps, consists of Adrian Kübler (vocals, guitar), Moritz Vontobel (drums), and Luca Burkhalter (keys). During this time Baba Shrimps has cultivated a unique and genre mixing sound that comes from the different influences each member brings with them. For Adrian it’s Folk music, Moritz loves rock, and Lucas brings an electronic edge, to round out the sound of the band. Because these three separate musical roads converge at one point, in Baba Shrimps, the result is a pop sound that is as unique and unafraid to skirt the edges of the expected, as it is pleasing to the ear. The band is determined to let nothing stand in their way of making music they want to make and that they are proud of. The trio simply will not accept making music they aren’t passionate about, connecting them closely as band members and friends.

With heartfelt and emotional folk-style lyrics, paired with robust rock beats and electronic melodies, Baba Shrimps sound is authentic, personal, and soul-bearing. An anthemic vocal performance showcases the lyrical story, making the song both relatable and easy to love. The type of song you roll the windows down on the highway and sing-a-long to, at the top of your lungs. “They pick you up and invite you join along their road.”

Being ten-year veterans, Baba Shrimps has clearly defined who they are as a band and what they want their music to sound and feel like to the listener. The passion and effort, which they pour into their music, is plainly evident, and serves the trio well in allowing them to connect with fans of multiple genres. Whether is be Adrian’s folk style, Moritz with his rock, or Lucas’s penchant for electronic music, the songs that Baba Shrimps are releasing sit them nicely in any of these genres and perfectly into the POP genre, to spite their unique sound.

Listen to more music from Baba Shrimps, here:

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