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Sylvan Weekends Introduce Their First Single of 2023: "Symmetry"

Debuting the first single off their upcoming debut EP 'Outliers", folk trio Sylvan Weekends offer a soothing melody of combined vocals in their captivating new track "Symmetry" available now. Filled with delightful harmonies, "Symmetry" poses a series of questions showcasing symmetry in life. Some seem to specifically refer to romantic love and some are more general and could apply to loved ones in general, whether it’s friends and family or a romantic partner. By combining indie-folk with a synth twist, the trio attracts fans of many genres, combining their varied musical backgrounds in a way that appeals to a wide array of musical interests. Sylvan Weekends brings together Matthew (folk), Freya (instrumental-electro) & Daniel (rock). Unified vocals from co-writers Matthew & Freya lend a nostalgic feel - one octave up resonates at twice the frequency and both voices together cut through with emotional resonance. The addition of synths and clever percussion drive the songs and make you move.

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