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TAELA Keeps Pushing Forward with New Single ‘Dance Drink Repeat’

It wasn’t so long ago that we brought you the debut single, “Bang”, from St. Louis songwriter and vocal powerhouse TAELA

Now, luckily for us it seems the buzzing young talent is moving full steam ahead.  Last week, she unveiled her latest single, “Dance Drink Repeat”, and it is a brilliant, danceable, Pop smash.  About the single, TAELA says, “With Dance Drink Repeat I really wanted to capture that feeling of doing whatever you can to get your mind off of someone/something, and fighting the temptation to push your problems aside until the morning. And I was visualizing different party scenes and taking myself back to moments where I just wanted to go home – but knew I needed to be around other people in order to feel okay. It’s been really exciting to watch this small idea I had for a song one day grow into something so meaningful to me.

Having fallen in love with music at the age of 4, TAELA has been developing her skills ever since and her impressively dynamic vocals, interesting tone and wide range are all the proof you need to know that she has without a doubt found her sound.  On her new single emotive verses give way to a bubbly, bouncing hook that will without a doubt have you singing along.  Clean production laden with percussive melodies, ambient synths and funky rhythms set the tone while TAELA absolutely dominates the track.

With a sound all her own and vocals that have the ability to cut through the clutter and penetrate the soul, TAELA’s first two offerings are without a doubt setting her up for a long and impressive career.  All I know is we will be patiently waiting for what’s next.  Make sure you start paying attention now – I think TAELA is going to be making some major waves.  

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