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New Jersey born POP artist, Karen Hardy has been hanging her hat and creating her music from the scene in Nashville Tennessee, since 2017. Compared to the likes of Ariana Grande, SZA, Tori Kelly, Karen’s voice is said to be “sweet and smooth like honey“. The stirring young artist is only in her early twenties, but has been surrounded by music since the age of 15, when she picked up the guitar for the first time and instantly started experimenting with writing music. One year later, Karen Hardy had left public school to focus on her career as a musician and earn her diploma online. Her influences derive from her summer camp musicals to her fathers love for The Beatles and Martin guitars.

With her new single, Ride, Karen Hardy chronicles her teenage years, or better yet, lack there of. “I got the idea for Ride after realizing that I had gone through my teen years without having done anything that a typical teen probably did” – says Hardy. The song is about coming to grips with the fact that, being in her early twenties, Karen only has a short amount of time left to get all of the things she missed out of her system before it’s too late.

Ride could easily be the anthem for making young, ill-advised, bad decisions that ultimately shape personalities throughout our most formative years. A silky-smooth vocal delivery and relatable lyrics keep Ride a current POP jam, and it’s short 2:04 runtime is just long enough to bring you back to your own bad decisions, but not quite long enough to leave you drowning in regretperfect for the lyrical journey, in Karen Hardy’s Ride.

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