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Do you remember those summer nights? Young, free, invincible. The nights seemed to last forever and the good-times never seemed to end. High school was over, the rest of your life was coming at you fast, but for a few short months, the world was yours! The only thing that mattered was spending whatever time you had with friends, making the most of every moment, no matter how big or small. Nothing monumental needed to happen but it was easy to see that just driving around with the boys, listening to music was as good as it could get. Well, if you are having trouble remembering those times, have a listen to Back Of My Heart, by The Satellite Station. I promise, this song will transport you to the last endless summer before the next momentous chapter began.

The Satellite Station a.k.a. singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Travis Rue, is a talented lyricist and song writer. His ability to capture a moment in time and bring it back to the forefront of memory through his music is unparalleled. Back Of My Heart literally sounds like the best, most memorable, summer of your life. A tangible way to travel back to the good times. “I still feel the beat in the back of my heart” are lyrics that simply nail the feeling this song gives you. Not only does the new single from The Satellite Station invoke memories, but also heightens your emotion driving the yearning to recapture those long gone feelings of freedom and youth.

When the summers over, we go our own way. We get back together but it never feels the same ‘Cause the light has changed in our eyes.” Sad but true, the bridge of this song snaps us back to reality. Although they will always be warm memories and great times in our lives, fundamentally, time has changed us and that is all they can ever be. Even though, I still feel the beat in the Back Of My Heart, all that summer can ever be now, is a fond warm memory.

Extremely relatable, well written, and a jam you can turn up and sing along with, Back Of My Heart is an Alt/Pop jam that should be on everyone’s radar and in everyone’s speakers.

Listen to more music from The Satellite Station, here:

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