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Tamil-Canadian Rapper Shan Vincent de Paul Releases “Savage”

Toronto based artist Shan Vincent de Paul kicks off a string of dynamic new singles with the release of his visceral new hit “Savage”. Ahead of his “Made in Jaffna” album release, SVDP taps into new sounds and “Savage” proves to be the ultimate anti-hit that is undeniably, still a hit. Striving for expression over acceptability, “Savage” showcases a much darker side of SVDP that holds no punches. 

Inspired by the term that colonizers used in reaction to South Asians eating with their hands, the video’s opening shot is a mysterious character pantomiming exactly that. Shot in a picturesque theater space, dancer Usha Jey combines Bharatanatyam – a classical form of Indian dance with modern Hip Hop. Sprinting from one end of the theater to the next, Usha beautifully embodies the juxtaposition that is artful dance meets anger-fueled rage. Directed by Shan and Arsenij Gusev, the captivating visual takes the audience through a sci-fi inspired world where parallel dimensions intersect through dance.   

“I wrote this at a really dark point in my life – it was made out of pure expression without considering any audience or listener. It was written for myself, but when I started performing it on tour the crowd would always go insane, so I knew it was one of those anti-hit hits. Sometimes we need the release of darkness, to dance with our rage to find that balance when the light comes.” – Shan Vincent de Paul

Born in Sri Lanka – Shan and his family fled the country due to civil war and arrived in Canada as refugees. Shan channeled his Tamil Canadian experience into his art and continues to be a prominent voice in the South Asian community. After being a part of various rap groups in the Toront’s independent scene, he released his debut album “Saviors” in 2016 which received high praises from publications like High Snobiety, CBC, Clash Magazine, Hip Hop DX and many more. The award-winning rapper is currently based in Toronto. After his album “Saviors” was nominated for “Best Rap Album” and “Best Rap Song” at the 2016 Independent Music Awards, he went onto releasing his sophomore project “Trigger Happy Heartbreak” which garnered millions of plays across streaming platforms. Shan recently wrapped up his first headlining international tour in India where he performed at the VH1 Supersonic Festival. He was featured on the cover of GQ India’s VIBE, Rolling Stone India, and has become a notable name within the Indian hip-hop scene. He will be releasing his third studio LP “Made in Jaffna” August 2021.

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