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Target Heart Debuts with Pop/Punk Single, "My Better Self"

Hailing from Vancouver, Daryl Hood is a musician that has been at his craft for years. The young songwriter/musician started playing drums at 13 years old and by the age of 23 he had been in several bands, touring parts of North America, the UK, and playing in the Vans Warped Tour, in 2006. Shortly after, Daryl found himself in a hiatus from his music, lasting almost 10 years, using his time to focus on family and his personal life.

Hood's talent as well as is authenticity and natural Pop/Punk style has been retapped in the past couple of years, bringing to light his new musical project, Target Heart. On April 15th, Target Heart released its debut single, "My Better Self". After writing and recording the song, Hood contacted french singer/songwriter Dory-Loup to record vocals and melody on the track. Within six weeks, the single was complete and Target Heart was ready to release, "My Better Self" feat. Dory-Loup, a song that both artists are rightfully proud of.

With soaring electric guitars, aggressive percussion and echoing vocals, "My Better Self" is both fresh new music and a nostalgic nod to the early 2000's Pop/Punk era. The debut single from Target Heart could easily fit between a song from MGK and Yungblud on a current alternative radio station, as well as, on a playlist between New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy. With lyrical content of a heart scorned, even the emotional connection to the song invokes the feeling of the good old emo days. . Target Heart and "My Better Self" are a perfect example that true Pop/Punk is still alive and well today.

Personally, I am very excited to hear what else is in store, from Target Heart!

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