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Ten Eighty Trees Set To Release Sensational Single ‘Born Free’

Ten Eighty Tress are the vibrant rock band bursting onto our playlists next month. With their upcoming single ‘Born Free’ is an exciting edition to their ever-evolving discography. Blossoming out of the grey industrial outskirts of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Ten Eighty Trees offer up a uniquely blended brand of rock. The outfit is made up of Nathan Newton, Lewis Glaholm and Michael Mather; rising from the embers of defunct musical projects, the union of these formidable forces has resulted in an absolute treat for the modern music scene – and it’s not going unnoticed. 6 Music’s Tom Robinson has also proved to be a fan of Ten Eighty Tree’s rock maximalism having dropped previous singles Casual Habits and Something in the Blood during his BBC Introducing Mixtape shows on the station. It’s no doubt their upcoming single will be worthy of the same credit. 

‘Born Free’ is the electrifying anthem set to dominate our airwaves when it’s released on the 5th of February. Described as the “no nonsense shot of taught rock riffery to the senses,” ‘Born Free’ is an explosive delve into the collective musical genius of Ten Eighty Trees. Nathan Newton’s vocals sail over the thick soundscape with an immensely impressive power. Blending seamlessly between falsetto and a breathtaking belt tone, it’s evident why this band is on the fast track to stardom. Both Lewis Glaholm’s bass and the dynamic drumming of Michael Mather sculpt a sonic landscape so strong it’s a question how the vocal doesn’t get lost. But that’s the charm of our new favourite rock band Ten Eighty Trees, all elements melt effortlessly into a crescendo of utter musical gold. ‘Born Free’ is the captivatingly catchy rock anthem set to bring our lockdown to life on its’ release on the 5th of February.

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