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Tessa Rae Hits the Heart with "Skies of Grey"

Ever since Tessa Rae landed in my inbox back in 2021 with her single, "Drunk Eyes," I have been keeping a close eye her - and she has yet to let me down. While I come across plenty of great singers through the blog, it isn't so often that a voice hooks me as hard as hers has. With a unique, enchanting and crisp tone, there is something about Tessa Rae's voice that I can't seem to get enough of.

Aside from her stunning vocals, time and time again she has delivered standout tunes that are just as impressive from a production and songwriting standpoint, further cementing her spot as an artist to watch in my eyes. While everything she releases feels totally authentic and completely polished, Tessa Rae continues to crossover between genres, seemingly unafraid to test the waters and create whatever feels right in the moment. With a consistent string of releases, she has been able to build a fanbase that can't seem to get enough, racking up an impressive amount of streams and grabbing the attention of tastemakers far and wide.

Last month, Tessa Rae landed in my inbox once again with her single, "Skies of Grey," and I have been keeping it in rotation ever since. Created on a balcony at sunset, "Skies of Grey," features a hazy, laidback and heartwarming vibe tied together with light ukulele, emotive keys and topped off with her ever-impressive vocal performance. Minimal and pristine, this tune doesn't rely on bells and whistles to prove its point, it simply lays a bed of sound for Tessa Rae to shine on - and she does just that.

To put it simply, this one is a stunner and you should do yourself a favor and check it out.

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