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The Caracals Break Free on “R U N”

Counting down the days, discouraged and dejected, it is natural to want to throw caution to the wind and run wild. To break free. This is the sentiment of the latest call to action from SoCal based Garage Rock titans, The Caracals. Led by frontman Johnny Cisneros, the band’s hard hitting sound and message is inline with the Rock-n-Roll tradition of protest music. Heavy, psychedelic guitars and thumping drum kicks complement the passionate and urgent vocals supplied by Cisneros, anthemizing this track from the very beginning. 

In an Instagram post The Caracals notes that “R U N” is “a call to action to take part in the social movements happening right now and the importance of taking a stand.” The band also notes that the acronym R U N stands for “Are you in”, the perfect grassroots call to action. Subsequently, this track appeals to anyone who is in silent or inactive support of any of the many different social movements taking place around the country. Both the band’s unique, hard-hitting sound and the relevance of their content certainly mark that The Caracals is a band to watch.

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