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The Eighty Six Seas give new meaning to an infamous crime on their new album Scenes From An Art Heist

The Eighty Six Seas latest album transcends time and space with riveting tracks that proudly cast "folktronica" in the main light. "Folktronica", as dubbed by lead singer Nick Stevens is a sheen mix of indie rock, folk, and other elements of pop. Throughout the album, The Eighty Six Seas portray various stories all inspired by the largest art heist in history, which occurred in 1990 at the Isabella Stewart-Gardner Museum.

Scenes From An Art Heist opens with an atmospheric, non-verbal piece called "For Isabella, March 1990". It's a perfect way to start the album - with whistling strings and light percussive elements, it acts as a formative introduction to what's to come ahead. The self-titled track and "Coffee and Art" showcase Stevens' effortless abilities in writing a straightforward, yet unique folk song.

Sweet crooning moments on the album come in the forms of tracks like "Jenny", with lyrics "Hey Jenny my love" echoing out like a hopeful mantra. Other album highlights include "The Day I Die" which reflects in a solemn, yet hopeful way, as Stevens hopes to leave a legacy behind. Throughout the album, there's a sheer inspiration of early aughts indie outfits like The National, Death Cab for Cutie, and Fleet Foxes.

Closing out the album are two emotional ballads "Ghost in the Cityscape" and "Frames". The former featuring riveting orchestral strings and visceral imageries of loved ones left behind, it's fitting for a closing scene in a rom com. Ending with an ethereal guitar solo, the track showcases The Eighty Six Seas ability to switch gears effortlessly.

More about The Eighty Six Seas

The Eighty Six Seas is the moniker of Nick Stevens, a Brooklyn-based artist who weaves a tapestry of indie folk, indie rock, indie pop, and electronica into a sound all his own, decorating it with sweeping strings and poetic stories. After being exposed to a wealth of musical sounds and styles new to Stevens, he founded The Eighty Six Seas – an homage to the 1986 Boston Celtics.

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