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The Franklin Electric Releases new Indie/Folk Single- Why You Gotta Be

Since their debut album, ‘This Is How I Let You Down’ in 2014, Montreal based indie collective The Franklin Electric have been traversing the globe and playing shows alongside some heavyweight names. The band has shared the stage with acts such as Ben Howard, Edward Sharpe and City and Colour to Mumford & Sons. Shortly after, in 2017 the band released an album donning some of their fan-favorite music and even acquired a nomination at the 2018 JUNO awards in the category of “Breakthrough Group of the Year.

The Franklin Electric‘s single, Why You Gotta Be, is their latest release. It was recorded and produced in Vancouver, at Afterlife Studios, by John Raham and Jon Matte. The track is a good solid indie/rock, folk, tune along the styling of the aforementioned Mumford & Son’s… exactly the tune you’d expect to be humming in between sets, while Mumford techs are testing bass drum tone. With the fortitude of the 4/4 drum beat, fleeting electric guitar leads and an unrelenting acoustic rhythm, the thoughtful lyrics and clean vocal performance tell a story, all to familiar.

Why You Gotta Be, is a song about the rigors and pressures of every day life and the need for success, that is drilled into us all today, and how it effects us. “The pressure to succeed and lead the life you want. Pressure, whether on oneself or on others: everyone feels it.”– says Jon Matte. It’s a tale as old as time, honestly. Life and the people around us place a sort of unspoken expectation to rise to a certain level. Whether it be college, financial success, or perhaps a relationship. We often allow the expectations of others dictate how hard we are willing to work for something, and sometimes, even how much something means to us. That’s not to say, of course, that we don’t also place these pressures upon ourselves. How many times have you or someone you know felt like a failure because you didn’t reach some ridiculous milestone that you set for yourself. When, honestly, the only true failure is when you stop trying…right?!

Anyway, I digress, the point is that the lyrics to Why You Gotta Be are relatable and true. We’ve all been there, and as a testament to the single and their other music, relatability might be the driving force behind the success of The Franklin Electric. The band has been busy over the past few years, so, keep your ear out. I’m sure they have no plans of slowing down!

Listen to more music from The Franklin Electric, here:

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