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The Golden Age of Hip-Hop is Back with GFTD’s New Single “Legacy Drip”!

As the sons of the Hip-Hop dynasty, Wu-Tang Clan, GFTD proves with their latest single, “Legacy Drip”, that they have the creative capability to be Gen Z’s adaption of a Hip-Hop supergroup. Previously known as 2nd Generation Wu, GFTD is led by U-God’s son, iNTeLL, and Method Man’s son, PXWER, who began as solo rappers and are now taking on the Hip-Hop scene as a team.

 “Legacy Drip” is the group’s 3rd single, and this time around, iNTeLL takes the lead and raps over high-pitched and distorted keys, a hard hitting beat, and a plethora of ad-libs. GFTD gives us a hint of their fathers’ nostalgic voices while simultaneously bringing their own unique and fresh twist to the single. In spite of GFTD’s former name,  2nd Generation Wu, they aren’t trying to be carbon copes of their fathers. Instead, they’re melding today’s Hip-Hop production trends with the 90s Hip-Hop sounds that their fathers mastered.

 GFTD seem to be more and more comfortable branching out from their fathers’ sound with every release, which is why I predict that “Legacy Drip” will do even better than their previous two releases. They are truly creating their original sound and will soon be seen as Hip-Hop stars in their own right. Even for Hip-Hop fans like myself, who weren’t quite old enough to appreciate the Wu-Tang Clan during their prime, GFTD is beginning to prove that they can make a similar impact on my generation.

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