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The Kites Unleash Anthemic New Single "Drunk in Japan"

In a music scene teeming with new talent, The Kites, a young British band hailing from the picturesque Yorkshire Wharfedale towns of Otley and Ilkley, have burst onto the scene with an infectious energy that's impossible to ignore. Their latest single, "Drunk in Japan," is a testament to their growing prowess, promising a bright future for this budding quartet.

With "Drunk in Japan," The Kites offer a compelling glimpse into the sound that defines their generation. This anthem is a heady blend of punchy indie-pop guitars and lyrics that resonate with the young and the young at heart. From the first note, it's abundantly clear that The Kites are on a mission to captivate audiences and leave them craving more.

"New band called The Kites – strap in, it goes mad this," exclaimed BBC Introducing York/North Yorkshire, and they couldn't be more accurate. The song's infectious nature has been lauded by Amazing Radio, who claim it "just makes you wanna throw an impromptu house party." The Rider For The Band Band adds, "They've got it... just watch and listen." These accolades are not unfounded. "Drunk in Japan" is a lively, energetic track that's impossible to resist.

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