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The Shakes Prepare to Release Debut EP ‘With Every Moment’

Hailing from Orange County and led by 21 year old frontman Sean Perry, Ambient-Indie collective The Shakes are preparing for a breakout summer.  Having released a number of singles which have racked up hundreds of thousands of plays with no major promotion, the buzzing band is already taking their hometown by storm with major gigs at venues like The Observatory in Orange County, opening for rising band, The Strike at the legendary Los Angeles venue, The Troubadour  and a groundbreaking night opening for Neil Francis at a sold out Wayfarer.

Pulling inspiration from the likes of The Who, U2, The Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Oasis and Tame Impala, The Shakes have found a way to take everything you love from such legacy acts and put their own twist on it, helping them to develop a fast growing fanbase and landing them on the radar of tastemakers far and wide.

Now preparing to release their two-part debut EP, “With Every Moment”, The Shakes have unleashed the projects lead single, “Somebody”, and it is a smooth and dynamic jam on all fronts.  From the laid back, guitar driven production to Sean’s stand out vocal performance, the new single brings an undeniable vibe that is sure to please crowds throughout the summer.  Ethereal enough to induce a flood of endorphins and energetic enough to get your head nodding, the new tune finds the perfect balance between groove and technicality. 

If this is the first taste of what’s to come, I’m sure I’m not the only person who will be patiently waiting for this EP’s release. 

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Indie Rock Solid’ playlist on Spotify!

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